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219-05 Merrick Blvd, Laurelton, New York 11314

219-05 Merrick Blvd, Laurelton, New York 11314

Office Lighting

When it comes to commercial electrical systems you need a commercial electrical design engineer that knows the value of sound planning, clear schematics and open communication. We have years of experience in electrical consultancy across a range of commercial projects, from office lighting and fire detection systems, to low voltage power distribution for final circuit equipment. Our design build delivery method means we can act as commercial electrical installation contractors, simplifying the channels of communication for the client .Lighting improvements have been shown to increase worker productivity as well as making workers feel better about their surroundings. Low and uneven lighting distorts the appearance of the work-place giving the space a gloomy appearance.   Proper lighting also leads to a safer work area. Dim, shadowy work surfaces are prime candidates for worker accidents.  In addition to productivity and safety, adequate lighting offers the added benefit of reduction in lighting power and hours of use, resulting in cost savings.

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