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219-05 Merrick Blvd, Laurelton, New York 11314

219-05 Merrick Blvd, Laurelton, New York 11314

Maintenance Services

Electricity is one of our most desired forms of energy. But along with its utilization comes the possibility of fire outbreaks. Puttering with your electrical system’s wirings is certainly not encouraged. Undertaking electrical tasks are things that you should entrust to competent electricians..We pride ourselves on prompt professional service. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial projects. To ensure our residential customers received the professional budget friendly they deserved, and our commercial customers meet their production schedules, we provide 24 -7 quick response team that serves our existing and new customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative solutions that maximize uptime, simplify operations, and minimize costs.

The perfectly proficient electricians at Cole Electric Corp. can lend you a hand with your electrical requirements such as:

Installing Air Conditioners

Troubleshooting Blew A Fuse

Blown Fuse

Breaker Switch

Child Proof Outlets

Circuit Breaker

Install Slide Dimmer For Lighting

Install Under Cabinet Lighting

Install Weather proof junction boxes

Install Swimming Pool Control Panel

Installation Additional Circuit For Furnace

Installation and Furnishing Art Lighting

Clean Up Exposed Wiring

Closet Lighting

Service Upgrade 220V Systems

Computer Wiring

Correcting Bad Electrical Wiring

Correcting Code Violation  Wiring

Installation baseboard heaters

Installation Dedicated Circuit For Indoor Pool

Installation Dedicated Circuit For Outdoor Pool

Installation Electric Heat

Installation of Cat5 jacks

Installation of lighting fixture in garage

Design Commercial Electrical System

Design Electrical Lighting Bathroom

Dimming Lights

Disconnect Exposed Wire

Electrical Child Safety

Electrical Code Violation Repair

Installation of new electrical wiring in home

Installation of Phone Jacks

Installation of TV jacks

Installation Wall Fixture

Installing 20amp wiring in Home

Installing circuits deicing system

Exist. Single Lamp Fluorescent Fixtures

Extra Outlets

Flickering Lights

Frozen Pipes Install Electric Heater

Installing Generators

Installing gutter de-icing cables

Installing Dedicated Circuit Washer and Dryer

Installing Electric Baseboards Basement

Frozen Pipes Install Electric Heater

Furnish and Install 120 outlet

Furnish and Install 120 volt circuit for Jacuzzi

Furnish and Install 120v smoke detectors

Installing Home Ejector Pump

Furnish and Install 200v amp circuit panel



Installing Home Generator For Basement Furnace

Furnish and Install cable TV jacks

Installing Home Generator For Refrigerator

furnish and Install kitchen track lighting dimmer

Installing Home Power Surge Saver.   Violation Removed     

Furnish and Install Laundry Room Outlet

Installing Home Sump Pump

Furnish and Install light dimmers

Install Dedicated Circuit For Garbage Disposal

Furnish and Install light switches

Kitchen Remodeling

Furnish and Install sconces over bath

Kitchen Counter Lighting

Fuse Box

Kitchen Overhead Lighting

Garage Door Opener

Kitchen Lighting Design

Gutter Deicers

Landscape Lighting Repair

Heating rewiring

Light Switch Installation

Holiday Lighting

Lights Dimmer

Home Electrical Inspection

Home Electric Remodeling

Old home electrical upgrade

Old building electrical upgrade

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